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February 24
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Chapter 17

A Taste of Failure

Eyes wide with horror Basil and the others stared at Ratigan in utter shock.

"B-basil... Did he just wish for-?" Dawson asked weakly and hesitantly while having his arms held behind his back by one of Ratigan's lackeys.

"I believe he did Dawson..." Basil replied slowly.

Baron studied Ratigan closely, very confused.

'Did Ratigan just mention Haru in his wish? No... it has to be another Haru...' Baron thought to himself.

Baron turned to Toto and Muta who were also showing similar confused looks as he had.

Ratigan smirked and turned to their group and started chuckling.

"I'm sorry my dear Basil, but it looks like you couldn't stop me this time. I'm afraid I already made my wish." Ratigan said holding the Cat Eye of Miw tauntingly to Basil and the others.

"This isn't over Ratigan...not… yet!" Basil hissed struggling against the henchman holding him back.

Ratigan frowned.

"Your right... after all I still need the Opal of the Hund, the last stone to grant my last wish... perhaps you will try to stop me then..."

Everyone frowned in confusion.

"You letting us go?" asked Toto, asking the same question in everyone else's mind.

"Yes... for now... I have no need of capturing you all right now... there is no point... besides... don't you want to plan on stopping me from getting the last stone?" Ratigan asked turning to Clive and giving him a knowing smile.

Clive then gestured to all of Ratigan's henchmen. Suddenly all the mice (and Felicia) holding the detectives and the Bureau down, let go of the mice, cats, and the raven and walked into the foggy shadows of the park.

Ratigan, Clive, and Felicia remained.

"We will be going now, I'm sorry it didn't work out for all of you, after all I got my wish." Ratigan smirked flicking his hand at them.

Suddenly Ratigan tossed the Cat Eye of Miw to Basil, who caught it out of reflex.

"Give that to Haru for me, it is useless now, but she might want it, after all she is holding what is left of the Amazonite of The Pássaro." Ratigan said.

Baron's ear flicked once again at the name Haru once more.

Basil looked at the stone in his hand which no longer glowed in power, it was an ordinary stone now that it had be used.

Ratigan smirked at the sad look upon everyone’s face.

"Hope to see you try to stop me next time. Take of Haru while I'm gone Basil...Dasvidaniya..." Ratigan said sweeping his black and red cape with flourish behind him and walking away.

Clive stared at Basil and Dawson and turned and walked away also.

Felicia shot a glare at Muta, which Muta returned fully, before she too left also.

Basil, Muta, Toto, Baron, and Dawson stood quietly alone in the park, processing the fact that they have failed to stop Ratigan... and now he had his wish granted.

Muta growled and started marching towards the direction Ratigan and his lackeys disappeared to.

"Come on! We can't let him get away with this!" Muta said still marching away, till he felt a wing on his shoulder stopping him.

"Muta... we can’t. What more can we do? He already made his wish and now the Cat Eye of Miw is powerless. We can't do anything more now..." Toto said.

Muta looked like he wanted to argue back at Toto, but for the first time in forever, he couldn't make a comeback.

Baron gave a tired sigh.

"Why one earth did the stone work for Ratigan, but it didn't work for us... The stone is supposed to grant any wish..." Baron asked himself aloud.

No one replied, no one knew the answer.

Baron sighed once more and looked at Toto.

"Toto..." Baron simply said.

Toto nodded and lowered himself so Baron could climb on.

Basil looked at them.

"Might I ask what you three are going to do?" Basil asked.

Baron frowned and answered.

"We're going to return to Japan to send word to the Cat Kingdom about Ratigan successfully using the Cat Eye." Baron replied sitting himself on Toto's back.

Basil raised an eyebrow.

"Then after that?"

Baron, Toto, and Muta stayed quiet.

"We don't know at the moment..." Baron answered.

Basil sighed and put the Cat Eye of Miw in his coat pocket.

“Gentlemen… farewell… We shall all be encouraged by the fact that with our help the kittens are home safely with their parents…” Baron said to Basil and Dawson.

Basil and Dawson nodded at Baron slowly, only slightly cheered.

"Let’s go Toto..." Baron said patting Toto.

Toto nodded and softly flew up and grabbing Muta by his paws and flew into the sky.

The three were silent as they flew towards home, but Toto broke the silence.

"Weren't you going to ask those two detectives why everyone spoke of someone named Haru?" Toto asked Baron.

Muta snorted.

"Yeah, I thought you would immediately stick your nose into everything and start rooting around asking questions about anything related to a ‘Haru’..." Muta said.

Baron sighed.

"There is no since in asking who this 'Haru' is... besides, there are plenty of ‘Harus’ from all around and it doesn’t seem plausible they would be referring to our Haru. She has nothing to do with what’s going on..." Baron said, believing his own words, but still... in his heart... there lingered a bit of uncertainty.


Basil and Dawson opened the entrance to their home, only to meet a frantic Ms. Judson.

"Oh Mr. Basil! Mr. Dawson! You back! Something has happened to Haru!" Ms. Judson said.

Basil and Dawson exchanged looks and sighed.

"We know..." Dawson said solemnly.

Ms. Judson frowned.

"But how..." she asked.

Basil then glared downward.

"Because we allowed Ratigan's wish to be granted, we couldn't stop him." Basil angrily said stomping into the room and angrily removing his overcoat.

"Where's Haru?" Dawson asked Ms. Judson as he and she entered the room also.

"She upstairs in her room resting, poor dear, she was so terrified." Ms. Judson said sadly.

Basil then immediately made his way upstairs and was followed by Dawson a few seconds later.

Both Dawson and Basil walked down the hallway to Haru's room and hesitantly knocked on her door.

"Come in..." said a soft voice.

Basil opened the door, to see Haru siting up in bed looking at him and Dawson with a sad smile.

"You guys are back, I'm glad, you’re not hurt." she smiled at them.

"We're not hurt, but what about you? Are you okay my dear...?" Dawson said standing next to her bedside.

Haru's smile vanished and she fell back into her bed and sighed.

"I guess so... can't really tell..." she replied.

The three of them remained quiet till Dawson broke it.

"...So... is it true... did Ratigan's wish truly come true..." asked Dawson eyeing Haru cautiously.

"I can't tell for sure, but I'm pretty sure it did... I do feel changed internally if anything..." Haru said.

"I'm sorry..."

Dawson and Haru turn to Basil who stood next to the door still and hasn't said a word up until then.

"You’re sorry?" asked Haru.

Basil then walk forward and also stood next to Haru's bedside.

"I'm sorry I failed you, I couldn't stop Ratigan from using the Cat Eye of Miw and granting his wish..." Basil said.

Haru smiled at him.

"Don't be sorry Basil; I'm sure you and Dawson did your best..." Haru said taking his furry hand in hers.

"But we didn't succeed, and because of us, you and Ratigan are now immortal!" Basil exclaimed angrily.

The room filled with silence and Haru sighed.

"Ratigan did once tell me he planned on marrying me and turning us into immortals..." Haru said slowly, with a trace of fear in her voice.

Basil clutched her hand tightly.

"I'm sorry..." he said once again, this time replacing his hand with the Cat Eye.

Haru stared down at the powerless Cat Eye of Miw in her furry hands and then turned to reach to the side of her bed where her coat laid and took the Amazonite of the Pássaro, which was given to her by Ratigan after he turned her into a mouse and studied the two stones side by side.

"My father always told me about these mysterious stones ever since I was little, it's hard to believe I'm holding them in my own hands right now and that they are now ordinary stones, now that they have been used..." Haru said solemnly looking at the dull looking stones.

Basil and Dawson said nothing, just sadly stared at Haru.

Haru then broke her gaze from the stones and sighed.

"So... when are we going to get the last stone?" Haru asked suddenly.

Dawson and Basil looked at Haru quizzically.

"Excuse me?" Dawson asked.

"When are we leaving to get the last stone before Ratigan?" Haru asked.

Basil sighed.

"We don't..." Basil said.

Haru's eyes widened.

"Why not?!" Haru asked astonished.

"My dear... we were outnumbered, even with the group of Cats from the Cat Kingdom... We didn't stand a chance, there is no telling what awaits for us if we choose to attempt to get the other stone before Ratigan...things might turn out very differently from today’s outcome" Dawson said sadly.

Haru frowned.

"But if someone doesn't stop him he could take over the world! And let’s face it; a world ruled by Ratigan would be a horrible place!" Haru exclaimed.

Basil and Dawson cringed at the idea of Ratigan controlling the earth.

"And if he succeeds I will have to marry him and he and I will live forever, which means I will have to deal with Ratigan for centuries and centuries to come!" Haru said disgusted by
the idea.

The two detectives frowned.

"We have to try and do something! We can't just stay here and wait till Ratigan rules and everything goes downhill. If we go to stop him… at least we can say we tried to save the world, and also..." Haru said a bit hesitantly.

Dawson and Basil looked up at her.

"If we do get the last stone before Ratigan... maybe... we can wish me back to normal..." Haru said.

Basil and Dawson eyes widen.

"We can turn you back into a human..." Dawson said in realization.

"And turn you back into a mortal..." Basil said also in the same awareness.

Haru nodded at them.

"That’s why we have to try... it could be my last ticket for returning me to my old self " Haru said.

Dawson then straightened up.

"Then we haven't a moment to lose, correct Basil?!" Dawson said turning to Basil.

Basil then sighed and nodded.

"Your absolutely right Dawson, we have to get the Opal of the Hund before Ratigan does, and turn Haru back into her normal self, no matter the costs! We vowed to help Haru and we can't allow Ratigan to take over and wed her. She saved us, now we need to save her." Basil said with a determined face and voice.

Haru beamed at her friends and immediately wrapped her arms around the two of them.

"Thank you!" Haru said hugging them both.

Dawson and Basil chuckled and hugged her back, till they broke apart.

"So Haru, since you have the knowledge of the stones from your father, then what do we do? Where do we go next?" Basil asked her.

Haru smirked at him.

"Well... my dad never mentioned where the Opal of the Hund was in his book, but the Amazonite of The Pássaro and the Cat Eye of Miw have something in common; just think about it. Pássaro means bird in Portuguese and sure enough the Amazonite was located in Rio in the Bird Kingdom. Miw means cat in Egyptian, and the Cat Eye belonged with the Cat Kingdom, sooo..." Haru said waiting for one of the detectives to finish her statement for her.

Basil's eyes widen.

"Ah, it’s quite elementary! The word Hund... it means dog in German!" Basil exclaimed in his awareness.

Haru smirked.

"Exactly! And where is the Dog Kingdom?" Haru asked.

Dawson then joined in.

"The Dog Kingdom is in Germany!" Dawson said a smile forming on his face.

"Right! So the Opal of the Hund must be in Germany with the Dog Kingdom!" Haru grinned at them.

The two detectives smiled brightly.

"Couldn't come up with that better myself..." Basil smirked at Haru.

Haru blush but grinned at him.

"Thank you" she said.

"So that settles it..." Dawson said clapping his hands together.

"We're going to Germany!"
We're going to Germany everyone :eager: by darkmoon3636 :squee: Dance! 

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RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Great story so far. :) So they're going to Germany to find a magic stone that will grant a wish? 

That sounds like the Philosopher's Stone from Full Metal Alchemist to me! Didn't that technically also take place in Germany? :O
sindysugar Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
I don't know... I've never seen Full Metal before in my life :o (Eek) 
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
If you choose to see it, then I must warn you: it is NOT for the faint of heart!

"To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first rule of Equivalent Exchange." - Alphonse Elric

The story is about Edward and Alphonse Elric - two brothers who search for the Philosopher's Stone.

Here's a pic of them: thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.file… Ed is the older brother with blonde hair, and Al is the younger one in the armor.

They have some…

And some enemies - mainly the homunculi, who are artificial beings created through alchemy:… On the left, Lust attacks with spikey fingers, in the middle, Gluttoney will eat anything and anyone Lust gives him permission to, and on the right, Envy is a devious shape-shifter full of hate and malice.

Don't watch it before bed, or you'll have nightmares! I'm sorry. I guess it is just coincidence that they're going to Germany to find a stone. Btw, I know you've most likely written the rest, but being a bit of a detective myself, I may have a theory on Rattagan's ties with Haru and her family. Would you like to hear what I think?
sindysugar Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Okay, thanks for telling me, I get scared easily :D

Sure I'd like to here your theory Meow :3 
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Ok. I believe that Haru's father was originally a mouse.

He fell in love with her mom, but because she was human, he realized he couldn't wed her.

So he made a deal with Rattigan: Rattigan would use dark magic (maybe a 4th wishing stone not mentioned) to make him human, and in return, he would give Rattigan the hand of his first-born daughter in marriage. He agreed, but when the time came, and Haru was born, when her dad saw how lovely his own daughter was, he knew he could never give her away to such an evil being.

Needless to say, Rattigan was not happy - so later when the time was right, Rattigan killed him! This is why Haru can understand mice (and rats) - she was part mouse herself because her dad used to be one!

On a side note, since Baron will live forever just like she will now, and she loves him, I'd imagine a smart wish she might make would be to have the power to change her own species at will - that way she can live forever with the one she loves as his own kind if she wants. ;)
sindysugar Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Oh wow... this is an excellent theory :D, I'm still in shock... :o (Eek) ... but I mustn't say anything more to prevent spoilers Giggle 
Tiger-Tomboy14 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Go Germany!!!Baron was so close to Haru!! Can't wait to see what happens next:)
Devilgirl007 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
I hope they get the stone before ratigan does. This is awesome!
doraemonbasil Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:squee: look like I guessed right !! Cool chapter , sindy !! But it's seem a little sad because Baron still not meet Haru :D 
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