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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 28
Chapter 28
The Vilhelm Case: Solved
"So where should I look on this landscape?" Haru asked touching the painted ceiling, while Baron held her up on his hand, as he stood on a ladder.
"Anything at all! Just keep searching!" Basil said from the other side of the room with irritation, while Hound held him up as well, while Basil touched the painted ceiling. "I know you're just trying to be helpful by asking Haru, but we still have no idea, and you repeating it is not helping."
Haru pouted angrily.
"I know that! But I was just asking because-!"
"Haru please, I can barely concentrate!" Basil gritted his teeth.
"Gosh Basil! I know this is stressful and we all haven't had much sleep since Belgium. Not to mention the fact that Ratigan and Clive could be somewhere nearby, but would it kill ya to be a bit nicer instead of a jerk?!" Haru resorted back.
Hound chuckled nervously. "Now, now you two. . ."
Baron who was slightly frowning at the mouse detective's behavior regarding Haru, peered
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The Poisoned Blend [Request]
A/N: I was requested to write a Snow White one-shot AU with Baron as the role of Snow White.
The Poisoned Blend
As Princess Haru threaded through the woods, she wore a frown on her face. Her once lovely dress now shredded and dirty, as she stepped over another large rock, with her friend Hiromi, following closely behind her, but in an even worse state of dishevelment and mood.
"Haru!" Hiromi whined, staring at her own ripped dress with a mopey look for the millionth time since they left their kingdom. "Can we please take a break at the next rest stop at a nearby village, please! At this point, I don't even mind going to the Rat Kingdom and staying at an inn there."
Haru turned towards her childhood friend, her eyes showing sympathy for the reddish brunette behind her, but she kept her determined expression.
"The sun is still up, Hiromi. We just barely left the last village only five hours ago. We have to keep going." Haru said grabbing a brown satchel that she lugged on her back
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The Feline Returns Chapter 1
A/N: So this is going to be a parody of the anime The Cat Returns with all the characters being "genderbend" aka being turned into their opposite gender. xD
The story will somewhat be the same as the anime. However I'll twist the story up a bit with the TCR manga too and I'll add a few of my own twists too, maybe change things up a bit differently. We'll see how it goes....
I do not own the original characters from The Cat Returns nor it's plot. This is purely made for fun.
Chapter 1
A small green colored house stands between two other larger homes. A lamp post stands in front, along with a chair in front of one of one its windows. In the window, a figure peers out.
A red, elegant frilly dress clothes the figure. A purple hat sits between her two large pointed ears. The figure stands completely still, almost like a statue as it faces the window.
Suddenly a gentle mellifluous voice is heard.
"If you should find yourself troubled, by something mysterious, or a problem that is j
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 27
Chapter 27
The Vilhelm Case Part 5
Nearly on the verge of sleep, Dawson gazed up at Watson whose droopy eyes were focused on the maid in front of them.
"Yes, yes. Afterwards I couldn't so much as lift a teacup!" the maid smiled oblivious to her interrogators’ current states of mind.
Trying to hold back a yawn, Watson tried to remain polite.
"Yes Lenore, that was quite an interesting story on how you organized sixty-five tea sets, but where were you on the days of the Offering Festival?"
The silver spotted shepherd tilted her head on her paw, her green eyes looking up at the ceiling in thought.
"The Offering Festival, huh? Hmmm... oh yeah!" her tail instantly wagging.
"On those days, I got days off from cleaning and arranging things in the castle, which is basically my job. I spent most of the time with my family down in the city and celebrated the festival with everyone. Basically what everyone does, you know! In fact last year my family and I-!"
"We get it!" Crisp growled.
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 22 ( Final )
Chapter 22 (Final)
". . . And will you, Yuki, take Lune, to cherish and to love for the rest of your days?" said the blue furred cat priest, smiling at the whited furred cat.
The bride, that was once part creation, wore a simple beige colored dress, as she stood in front of the cat priest, next to the beaming mismatched eyed groom, wearing a black tux.
"Of course I do!" she beamed, looking up at Lune.
The cat priest gave a happy sigh of relief and shut the thick book he was holding abruptly.
"Then it is my greatest honor, to announce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."
Yuki immediately swung her arms around Lune's neck and brought him in for a kiss, causing Lune to slightly stumble to keep Yuki and himself up.
The room was immediately filled with claps and cheers from the many cats who were in attendance in the throne room, including a sobbing Cat King.
Laughing against her furred lips and Lune wrapped his arms around Yuki, and began to spin her around, as the crowd continue
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 26
Chapter 26
The Vilhelm Case Part 4
"It's probably best to explain things to make sure everyone here is on the same page." Archibald said eyeing everyone.
Hound stepped up.
"For those of you who may not know. . ." Hound said looking at Basil, Dawson, and Crisp standing close by, then quickly glancing at Haru, who now sat on Baron's shoulder.
"The King and Queen are dead and their son the Prince is missing."
"Yes, we've caught onto that. . ." Basil said slowly tearing his gaze away from Haru and Baron.
"We've also discovered that it was no accident that they died and someone purposely murdered them." Hound continued, looking towards Watson and Kunz.
They're eyes widen, including the smaller group.
"What?!" Haru said looking at Baron, who gave her a calm smile, while nodding sadly to her.
"M-M-Murdered?!" Kunz exclaimed.
"Is that true?" Watson asked looking at everyone for an answer.
"Yes, unfortunately." Archibald said.
Dawson gave Basil a nervous glance, Basil only ignored it in order t
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 21
Chapter 21
While leaning on one of the tower's columns waiting for everyone to arrive Baron sighed deeply.
He leaned his cane against the column and walked toward the center of the tower and craned his neck in order to look at the top.
His emerald eyes darkened at the sudden memories flooding his mind. Recollection of  Muta, Haru, and himself running up those very steps spiraling towards the top of the tower in order to reach the exit and then for them to fall off and be miraculously rescued by Toto and his friends. The sudden memory of Haru's face glowing with delight as she thanked the crows and The Cat Bureau for helping her, instantly clouded his mind.
Baron quickly dismissed the image of Haru and groaned in frustration.
"Haru. . ." he said, placing a hand to his forehead in distress.
"You really did love her then, didn't you?"
Baron turned to see Louise, formerly known as Yuki, standing behind him with a small smile on her face.
Baron gave a tired sigh, bringing his hand down
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 25
Chapter 25
The Vilhelm Case Part 3
"Well Basil, we checked every book on these shelves and still nothing. What will we do now?" Dawson said collapsing on his bottom on Prince Vilhelm's bed.
"This doesn't make sense. We would have found a book that would be useful by now, but each book has nothing to offer." Basil said frowning as he held his magnifying glass, while standing next to Dawson on the large bed.
Dawson sighed.
"I just hope Haru and Crisp will return soon. I'm starting to go a bit mad, I'm too famished." Dawson said looking up at the ceiling, which had been painted in a landscape.
Basil growled under his breath.
"Those two should have been back by now! Crisp and Haru probably got themselves lost."
Basil then sighed in irritation and headed to the headboard of the bed, walking between the bed's two pillows.
"We better go search for them."
Dawson got up slowly, and then followed Basil, who grabbed a part of the headboard and began to climb down.
"Be careful, climbing down." Bas
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 20
Chapter 20
With tears in her eyes. Louise watched silently, as Baron, with his back facing everyone, carried the limp body of Haru silently and slowly laid her across a bed.
Louise looked around at the others, as she struggled to hold in a sob.
Toto stared at Baron and Haru, silent tears streaming down his feathery face. He stood like a statue, as he silently weeped while staring at Haru lying on the bed.
Muta stood next to the room's only window, staring out at it. His face was turned from everyone, so Louise couldn't read his expression. But Louise could see the large cat's chin, quiver more than once, before he quickly stopped.
Momo, who stood next to Muta, just wore a sad expression as she stared at Haru and Baron. Louise didn't realize how much Momo and Haru had interacted since they were first introduced. But Momo did seem surprisingly grief stricken, that made it clear that Momo did after all get a chance to know Haru in just this short time.
Louise then slowly moved her eyes to
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 24
Chapter 24
The Vilhelm Case Part 2
"Oh dear, hopefully Kunz or the others will be waiting at our meeting spot." Archibald murmured in worry, as he picked up speed for the carriage.
". . . I just can't believe that someone would want to harm the King and Queen." he murmured again.
Baron, Hound, and Muta sat silently looking at Archibald as he drove the strange car-like-carriage even faster.
"The King and Queen were murdered. . .  but by who. . .?" Hound said glaring down at the carriage’s floor intently in thought.
"Only a few guys know of the King and Queen's deaths, right? Must be one of them." Muta said his arms crossed.
"Yes, it is probable. But the murder can also be someone pretending to not know of the King and Queen's death and act oblivious." Baron said frowning.
"But one thing's for sure, is the murder is someone who is connected with the King and Queen. In order to loosen the bearing that was holding their carriage's wheel, they must have been a worker or someone w
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 19
Chapter 19
"I changed you. I placed you in a different country. I blocked your memories. I even placed you a bit further in time. I waited for you. I even stole the name of some half wit big shot in the Cat Kingdom to make it seem like I was a normal cat. And somehow you still managed to somehow meet the Baron anyway." Kuro hissed in Louise's ear.
Louise brisled.
"Of course I did. I'm fated to be with Baron. I'm his other half. I was created that way. To be with him and not you." Louise hissed back.
Kuro growled and pulled Louise more forcefully to him.
Louise winced, as Kuro's red eyes darkened.
"No. I was the first cat statue! I should have been the creation, not Baron! You should have been made for me, not him!" Kuro said glaring down at Louise, as if daring her to disagree with him.
Baron stopped struggling from his pinned state against the wall and let his eyes widen.
"The first cat statue?" Baron murmured, eyeing Kuro in wonder.
Louise turned to look back at Baron.
"Our creator,
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 23
Chapter 23
The Vilhelm Case Part 1
Leaning forward to peek from behind Toto's back, Baron stared down at Hound and Watson as they rode their old automobile.
"I would think that of all these years of progression that you would finally give up that old thing. Haven't you ever thought of changing your means of transportation?" Baron called down to Hound.
Hound looked up at them with a glance and smiled.
"I've grown very fond of old Betsy here. . . I couldn't replace her. . . she’s done so much for us that it would seem like betrayal if we just replaced her."
Watson nodded in agreement.
"Indeed, indeed. After all, Hound has put too much work into her over the years, she's basically indestructible, it would be a waste replacing her." he chuckled.
Baron chuckled too.
"Poor thing, having to deal with your criminal chases, off road driving, and hill jumps. It's incredible that she’s still running."
Toto then turned to smirk at Baron.
"Sounds pretty similar to the stuff I have to pu
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 18
Chapter 18
I stared back at the glowing emerald eyes in front of me which revealed sadness behind those flickers.
I took in a deep breath and mustered up the best smile I could.
"Well. . . this is it. . ." I said giving Baron a phony smile, as I forced myself not to faint from the obvious tension in the air.
Baron didn't say anything and just stared intently at me, his emerald eyes still showing sadness.
I looked down at the tabletop we stood on, unable to stare any longer at those eyes.
"Come now Baron. . ." I finally managed to mutter.
"It's not like we'll be separated forever. . ."
Still the Baron said nothing.
"The couple who bought us looks to have a firm determination to meet again after this. . . which means we ourselves will surely meet again, Baron. We will not be parted forever." I continued, slowly looking up from the tabletop to meet his eyes again.
Baron looked like he wanted to say something, possibly wanting to murmur my name, but he still remained silent.
I hesitantly m
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 22
Chapter 22
The Old Colleagues
"Hey! I told you to drop me off back there!" Muta hissed angrily struggling to get out of Toto's grasp.
"Sorry Muta, but we are making no stops, right Baron?" Toto said smirking as he flew against a gust of wind.
"Indeed. We can't afford to lose second." Baron nodded staring down at the land below them from Toto's back.
"Still, you could have just left me there and left without wasting another second!" Muta growled angrily at the two.
"Stop being such a fraidy cat. You can handle the Dog Kingdom. . ." Toto said rolling his eyes.
"I'm not fraidy cat, I just can't stand dogs!" Muta hissed at Toto.
Baron sighed.
"Come now, Muta. . . not all dogs are like the one you've encountered." Baron said.
Toto frowned.
"Besides, that incident was entirely your fault." Toto mumbled.
"Hey! That punk put his wet, slimy nose on my mincemeat pie! He was asking for that swipe to his nose!" Muta retorted.
Toto sighed in annoyance and moved his head slightly to look at Baron.
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The Baroness Returns Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Frowning at Kuro's nonchalant attitude Yuki took a step forward.
"Kuro. . . you said I can call you that, right?" Yuki asked still eyeing the jet black cat in his dark brown suit cautiously as he lounged on the chair.
Kuro nodded taking another sip of his coffee delicately.
Yuki feeling a bit relived that she didn't offend him by saying his first name informally, got the courage to speak on.
"Yes, well. . . as you know I have a few things to ask you." she said firmly.
Kuro sighed and sat up and put his cup of coffee on the table to his left and opened his eyes to stare at Yuki, revealing those unyielding blood red eyes to her, much to her dismay.
"Please Ms. 'Louise' ask whatever you want. I shall answer as best as I can." he said giving Yuki his full attention.
Yuki swayed slightly, trying to figure out the best thing to ask at the moment.
". . . Kuro. . . have I met you somewhere before?" Yuki finally asked.
Kuro raised an unseen eyebrow at her and gave her a sly smirk.
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Return of the Great Cat and Mouse Chapter 21
Chapter 21
The Oona Case Part 2
"Okay squirts, we are almost at the gulf of the North Sea. Why we are even bothering going to a cursed island is beyond me. . . " Crisp said mumbling the last part.
Oona glared at Crisp from behind him.
"You know why! To save my daddy and uncle!" Oona scolded.
"Tch." Crisp said and continued flying.
"I'm still quite concerned about the cursed part though. . ." Dawson said sending a nervous glance to Basil.
"Nonsense Dawson, I can't tell you how many times I've took cases where people have claimed to have monsters, hauntings, or curses involved and in the end they all turned out to be a bunch of nonsense, scandals, or lies." Basil said frowning.
"Oh so almost like Scooby Doo then?" Haru asked smiling.
Basil turned to look at her curiously.
"Scooby- what?"
Haru then sweat dropped in realization.
"Uh never mind." Haru giggled to herself.
"Even so Basil, we need to be careful, we can't just take the fact that the island may be cursed so lightly." Dawson said
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All about The Cat Returns xD


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Sindy Sugar
Jello everyone! :iconsayhiplz:

I am currently obsessed with The Cat Returns and the pairing Baron and Haru. :iconadorableplz: So, I'm gonna be writing Cat Returns fanfics (which are most likely going to be corny), shipping BaronXHaru.

I'm not real good at drawing so I may only do fanfictions and sometimes do drawings. Just so you know.

I am working on the story Return of the Great Cat and Mouse, which is a crossover between The Cat Returns and The Great Mouse Detective. I recently just finished The Baroness Returns and I am now working on The Feline Returns which is a retelling of The Cat Returns, but genderbent , we'll see how that goes. Maybe doing some One-shots along the way?

Please read and enjoy my stories! :iconchocoloveplz:

Thank you all! :iconbaibaiplz:

By the way... You can also find me and my same stories on and Tumblr:…


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